Information Security Training & Staff Development

  • Introduction to and training in NIS directive (Europe) and/or NIST 800 (N. America) requirements.

    These are courses for senior executives, including those at board-level, in the new regulations concerning the management and information security of airports’ networks. This training also includes Operational Technology.

  • Cybersecurity Workshops and Tabletop cybersecurity exercises

    These are day-long sessions on the practical side of cybersecurity for senior executives. These are usually tailored to meet the requirements of individual airports and other aviation organizations. An example of this would be how to respond to a cyber-attack.

This is a four-day course to familiarize airport managers at all levels with the principal issues arising in airports from the cyber threat environment, and the fundamental requirements for dealing with that environment.

For larger organizations, certain parts of the course are specialized to management groups, for example Operational Technology.

This training covers, but is not limited to, cyber hygiene, social engineering, phishing and watering hole attacks.

Since the vast majority of successful cyber-attacks utilize either social engineering and/or a mistake or ignorance of a member of the attacked organization, it is important to train (and retrain) your staff in cyber hygiene. This simple, but essential, precaution can greatly reduce the chances of a successful attack on your organization. This training can be delivered on site, at one of ServiceTec’s selected locations, or online.

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) & Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

These courses are delivered over three days with individual supervision. They use modern technology and are designed to provide career development for members of an airport’s IT staff.