CyberSecurity strategic consultancy & policy development

1. A strategic review of cybersecurity environment

Review and advise on information security policies, procedures, governance and standards. ServiceTec provides an “outside eye” on these topics and their inter-relationships. This service is often valuable for identifying both overlaps and gaps in cybersecurity approaches and systems.

2. Advice on road maps, going forward

Dr McCarthy and ServiceTec have considerable experience in advising organizations on the necessary processes to improve their cybersecurity stance. One of the most useful tools is our “road map”, providing you with a way forward and key steps, identified and sequenced in priority.

3. Assistance with ISO 27001 & NIST 800 implementation

ISO 27001 and NIST 800 are now accepted as a norm for a secure cyber posture. Implementation is a quite lengthy and demanding sequence of activities. ServiceTec provides comprehensive tools and training materials to assist and guide you through these activities.

4. Review of GDPR implementation

GDPR is now an accepted standard, but it is quite easy to over complicate what has to be done with apparently necessary elaborations; our review process can simplify life.

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