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ServiceTec’s Cyber & Information Security Services

Based on our 20 years’ experience of supporting airport and other aviation IT services in North America and Europe, ServiceTec has developed – in conjunction with Dr John McCarthy, a world-recognized expert in this area – several robust services to assist the aviation industry in defending itself against the modern world of cyber and IT attacks, all helping your airport to comply with the increasing regulatory environment.

These services fall into four main groups:

CyberSecurity strategic consultancy & policy development

Information security training & staff development

Information security assessment & testing

Your airport’s resilience against cyber attacks

How our CyberSecurity solutions can help you

  • Build a cybersecurity-focused culture
  • Demonstrate control of airport systems
  • Develop cybersecurity road maps
  • Test the robustness of airports against cyber attacks
  • Identify potential weaknesses in airports
  • Mitigate the threat of attack
  • Monitor and ensure cybersecurity compliance
  • Ensure GDPR or NIST 800 compliance

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