IT Consultancy for Airports

Discover fresh perspectives and insights into your airport’s IT services

With over 30 years of delivering IT-specific services, ServiceTec understands how smaller to medium-sized airports, with smaller to medium-sized budgets, still have to overcome the challenges faced by their larger counterparts.

Designed to give an unbiased overview, ServiceTec’s IT Consultancy is specifically designed to help airports benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

How our IT Consultancy can help you

  • Gain an outside perspective
  • Make unbiased decisions on improvement or investment
  • Benefit from extensive industry knowledge
  • Make enhancements without the need for replacement
  • Take advantage of new skills
  • Save time to focus on core operations
  • Instigate growth and improve the management of IT services

Capabilities of our Airport IT Service Health Checks

  • Ability to help you address large airport IT challenges on small airport budget
  • Extensive IT management experience and globally recognized best practices (ITIL)
  • Optional scheduled site visits (monthly or quarterly)

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How it works

See things from another point of view

ServiceTec’s airport consultancy services offers small and medium-sized airports the opportunity to take advantage of years of experience and expertise. The ServiceTec team provide unbiased and fresh perspectives on your airport’s current IT circumstances, and give realistic and comprehensive recommendations to help your airport deliver world-class IT services.

Service’s IT consultancy service provides you with an opportunity to enhance – rather than a replace – your airport’s existing IT support structure and systems. Our team will work closely alongside your existing staff and suppliers to provide guidance and advice aimed to complement and improve existing practices.

A typical consultancy might include a review and recommendation regarding the installation of the latest security patches and updates for the relevant airport IT systems in use, including shared use and common use check-in desks and kiosks.

Our expert airport IT engineers can also carry out a review of routine preventative maintenance and servicing procedures and make recommendations for both hardware and software across your entire IT infrastructure. These services, among others, include networks and servers, CUSS kiosks, check-in desks and gates, as well as MUFIDS and other IT systems such as access control, CCTV, parking management and baggage tracking.

Subsequent and ongoing site visits

Consultancy projects can be followed by a series of scheduled, monthly or quarterly, site visits.

These, based on the initial scope of the project, aim at further enhancing services in accordance with a pre-agreed statement of work, and helping you realize continual improvements to operations and security across your entire airport IT infrastructure.

Our ServiceTec team offer expert advice and support on any issues you may experience and can assist with necessary audit trail requirements and procedures, where relevant.

Speak to the ServiceTec team about our technical capabilities:

Call Now:

+1 703 259 4000 +44 (0) 1462 476200