Q4 2017


ServiceTec has been a long-standing World Business Partner with ACI-NA and participates in the Annual Conference and Exhibition each year.


In September 2017 the event was held in Fort Worth, TX and, with over 2,100 industry representatives in attendance, proved to be one of the best attended conferences on record. Plus the exhibition space sold out – to the point where ACI had to find a way to add a few more booths.


Pre-conference committee meetings are held on Saturday and Sunday with the grand opening of the exhibition at 5pm on Sunday evening. As an active participant within the Business Information Technology committee we divided Saturday between listening to speakers / presentations and setting up the booth – unfortunately both activities were not in the same venue, which proved a real disadvantage as it was 96 degrees outside!


Of the things we learned one is that airports are looking for solutions which are “Apple easy, Google fast, Amazon reliable” – I like to think we can meet all of those criteria!


Another is that there is a lot of interest in the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) – not just as a design tool but updated as-built – with LIDAR now making this more feasible for existing structures. What makes BIM more powerful is when it in used in conjunction with GIS (Geographical Information System) which itself can be interfaced into the Asset Management system. GIS data can also be used to feed passenger-facing apps, etc. especially now it has been enhanced to 3-D.

Early days, with research to be done – an ACRP (Airport Cooperative Research Program) project is currently in progress on BIM – and standards to be set, but an exciting use of technology and one that will undoubtedly impact ServiceTec’s operations at some point.


Looking forward, a few years ago, ACI-NA introduced a system whereby you are given the opportunity to select your booth for the following year during the current show. There is a complex system to determine your position in the ‘pecking order’, which has proven great for ServiceTec as we hold position number 12 – out of 164 this time around. Booth 802 now has our name on it and, by the end of the show in Fort Worth, they had sold 87% of the booth space for 2018, which is unheard of!


Did we have a good show? Actually, yes. Our brand and our reputation remain strong – the challenge now is turning that into business!